Training for fire brigade and THW

Electromobility and other alternative vehicle drives, such as hybrids, are constantly on the advance. Since the technology is developing faster and faster, the fire brigades have to cope with this development Keep pace. At the moment there is still a lack of clarity and there is a lack of appropriately practiced tactics in the event of accidents with alternative drives. The procedure differs at the beginning and at the end of the mission. When the initial problems have been overcome, you can continue to work “according to the textbook”. Only the end of the mission becomes a challenge again. The manufacturer Tesla, for example, states with at least Calculate approx. 11,000 liters of extinguishing water and then submerge the vehicle permanently in a water bath for between 24 and 72 hours.

 Our training enables your emergency services to familiarize themselves with this topic. Training content includes tactics, security and order of the room, special measures, fire water supply, removal and storage as well as many other details. Prepare yourself and your emergency services to be prepared for this new challenge.

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